‘Seussical’ to be performed March 5-8

In its third consecutive year, Southmoreland’s school musical is in full motion and may just be the wildest one yet. Seussical, the lyrical tale inspired by the childrens stories of the infamous Dr. Seuss, is taking the stage this time around and is certainly making itself known. The cast has already been involved in several events in the community to gain support for the show, with performances March 5-8.

A character brunch was held last month for children and their parents where they had the opportunity to interact directly with the cast and participate in fun activities such as face painting and crafts. A brief preview of the show also was performed for all of the students at SES and SMS. And before the show dates arrive, the cast plans to invite SPC students to the high school for a special preview performance to appeal to the youngest of their audience.

Preparations for this year’s production began back in December, and since then the cast and crew have been at work almost every day of the week to bring the story to life of an elephant trying to save a small world. With the fast approaching deadline of the performances however, the cast and crew are working rapidly to see that everything is sound by then.

Makenzie Galley, the Student Director for this year’s production, is making sure of this.

“Each of us has our own responsibility but we’re working together as a team everyday to bring the production to the stage,” Galley said. “It takes an effort and a team of people to make a production, so I can’t say I have a certain role more important than anyone else.” 

Despite this being the third year for some students involved, it has proven to be quite different from the past. This year, everything is under a new system and staff. Mrs. Jamie Gore, SHS’s band instructor, is taking over the role as the musical’s coordinator. It was previously under the control of Mrs. Zamperini, the school’s chorus teacher, who stepped down from her position earlier in the year. Also claiming a new position is Mr. Conway as director for the cast. He has performed himself in numerous musicals at the Geyer Theatre in Scottdale and has aided in their productions as well.

Joselyn Busato, a senior known for her previous roles as Cinderella in Cinderella and Arista the mersister in The Little Mermaid, agrees that there have been a lot of adjustments made for this musical.

“In previous years, we got a huge crowd because they were Disney princess based,” Busato said. “This year, although kids love Dr. Seuss, it is not as popular with them. We had to really step up with previews and ads.”

In terms of the actual work, Busato said, “There’s a lot more responsibility given to each actor/actress to work on their own. There’s a lot expected of us to bring the show together without constant supervision and direction. Although it’s been challenging, it’s made me better as an actress overall.”

Seussical will be performed from March 5 to the 8. Tickets are on sale now online at www.southmorelandmusical.net. With all the effort put into the production this year, it is certainly a worthwhile experience for anyone interested in a night of pure entertainment.

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