Collections reflect various personalities

Current high school  nurse Linda Yonkey has been collecting things for many years.

“Kids don’t collect valuable things,” said Yonkey. “The only things they collect are phones and clothes.”

Yonkey collects cats meow houses, which are flat wooden houses, Boyd’s bears, willow tree figurines, and Longaberger baskets, which are hand woven from Ohio.

“These baskets come in handy, but I have at least a hundred of them,” said Yonkey. “I have more than I can handle.”

High school guidance counselor Andrea Hanford has been a collector for over eight years. Hanford collects a variety of different owls; wooden, ceramic, metal, and cloth.

“There’s something mysterious about them,” said Hanford. “They remind me of power, keepers of knowledge, wisdom, and calmness.

Hanford is also a big collector of antique aqua jars.

“I don’t really know why I collect them,” said Hanford. “I just use them to put bits and pieces of things in. Plus, the jars are a piece of history from many years back and I like to date their history.”

Former graduate of Southmoreland, Bill Lubovinsky, has been collecting quarters for over 10 years.

“In order to succeed you have to take your time and put in a little effort,” said Lubovinsky.

Lubovinsky has been trying to get quarters from all of the fifty states. Up to this day he has all of them but one: Wyoming.

“You have to be dedicated to getting what you want,” Lubovinsky said, “in order to succeed.”


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