Library revitalization project planning phase is under way

As the school year is beginning to wrap up, a plan to change how our library is run, is just beginning. Technical education teacher Mr. Larry Ansell is in charge of the “revitalization project” of the high school library.

Mr. Ansell is currently using his architecture classes to help map out the designs for the space and in the courtyard to present to the school board for approval.

“Students are designing presentations for the layout of the library,” said Mr. Ansell. “We have original designs from when the school was renovated and are using those to take exact measurements and to map out outlets and such.”

Mr. Ansell says that this project is difficult but said he is optimistic.

Mr. Ansell said that when the plans are presented to the board “the big thing is cost. I am hopeful that they will realize that the library is not being used and isn’t cost efficient regarding electricity.”

Mr. Ansell says that things “are beginning to come together” with ideas to also renovate the neighboring computer lab which also sees little use.

“There have been talks to turn the computer lab into a place to have meetings for teachers and to hold clubs,” said Mr. Ansell. “Our current meeting room is small, and there is not enough room for everyone, along with no outlets for laptops or a screen to present on. With refiguration, the computer lab would suit that need for a bigger space.”

Mr. Ansell says he is hoping that over the summer, they can begin to clear out all the books and get the furniture moved. He is hoping to have the coffee shop up there for next year as well.

The books in the library, and what will happen with them is another topic discussed. Mr. Ansell and art council have come up with a plan to turn some of the books into sculptures for the library.

“The inspiration comes from our trip to Philadelphia,” said Mr. Ansell. “At the National Constitution Center, they have a sculpture of spiraling law books at the Tower of Law Exhibit, and we’re thinking of something similar here.”

Mr. Ansell says that everyone has been supportive of the idea of finally changing the function of our library.

“(The library) is the heart of our school, and it’s a dead space now,” said Mr. Ansell. “My hope is that the board will be supportive and that we will be able to have it functional again for next year.”


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