Technical ed teacher plans new ‘function’ for library

When Larry Ansell was a high school student in 2004, it was a different time from what we have today. Students used to flock to libraries and computer labs to relax and get work accomplished. In those days, you needed a library to get information, and the school was re-designed that year to accommodate those features once desired. Now, we don’t need the library as much due to having laptops of our own, and information available on Google at any time, making the idea of a library somewhat obsolete.

Now a technical education teacher, Mr. Ansell has a plan to change the way we look at our library.

“Back when I was in school, the library was a lively place,” said Mr. Ansell. “Students always wanted to go to the library.”

Mr. Ansell wants to change the space into more of a student resource environment.

“Based on the feedback I have received via (recent) surveys, students strongly desire a place to print, charge chromebooks and devices, and a place to hang out during free periods,” said Mr. Ansell. “I also want teachers to be able to utilize the space as well, such as having a place to teach or show a movie.”

Mr. Ansell is using his idea of designing this space as a real world example in his architecture classes. Showing students what “real world” architecture and design look like.

Mr. Ansell says that the biggest element to making this happen is acceptance from teachers and students alike.

“The most important element is the buy-in from administration to make it happen, and teachers to allow students to be in the space freely,” said Mr. Ansell. “The buy-in from students to the social experience of the space is another element.”

Mr. Ansell’s plans are still in early phases, with surveys from administrators, teachers, and students currently taking place. The school may have been re-designed during the age of “analog” technology, but thanks to Mr. Ansell, the library might finally see a new function.

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