Hauser gets college scholarship

The day after Christmas, senior Jesse Hauser received a letter that would change his life. When he opened the letter, he read that he had received a scholarship to the California University of Pennsylvania.  

“I feel as if a big burden has been taken off my shoulders,” said Hauser.

The scholarship he received is called the Board of Governors Scholarship. He was given this scholarship for his outstanding GPA, extra curricular activities he is involved in, and his attendance.

The scholarship will be paying for his tuition every semester, which is approximately $3,700. In total, the scholarship will pay for about $30,000 for college.

“Honestly, it relieves so much stress knowing I have a big chunk of change taken out of my college fees,” said Hauser. “I feel much less anxious and more excited about college now.”

Hauser wants to study what computer teacher Mrs. Denise Puskar does for computer science.

“I would love to be that person to do her job every day,” said Hauser. “I know teaching jobs are hard to get, but I know I definitely want to go into the computer science field.”

Cristine Shields

Writer at Southmoreland High School
I like to write and do color guard 🙂
Cristine Shields
About Cristine Shields
I like to write and do color guard :)

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