Color guard captain tryouts will be in May

As the 2017-2018 band season is beginning to end, preparations for color guard captain tryouts in May have begun. This year, there is a substantial number of people trying out for the leadership role. Alyssa Gaborko, Caitlyn Slezak, Cameron Hoak, and Skylin Nicholson are just a few members of color guard that are determined to try out and become captain.

The way auditions are done has changed this year than how it has been for past years, except one year of experience in color guard is required. Those who are auditioning used to be required to make up a routine to a song of their choice, which took much effort to do. Now, those who are auditioning have an interview with the judges, who are some of the band’s main figures, and must write an essay stating why they want to be to color guard captain, what leadership means to them, who has inspired them from the beginning, goals to have set for the whole guard, and their commitment to the organization. They also have to fill out a form ranking their abilities through numbers.

“The process of the audition started a long time before the day of the audition,” said Alyssa Gaborko.  “I say this because the judges take in how we interact with the whole guard the years previous and for us have to commitment and motivation to change for the better of the guard and band.”

“It would be a great opportunity to serve as the color guard captain again. It takes a lot of communication, motivation, positivity, commitment, and trustworthiness to be able to hold that spot,” said Gaborko, who has been in marching band for three years and is a co-captain this year.

Caitlyn Slezak has become very close with all the other guard members, who have “become a family” to her. She smiles at the thought of potentially being able to be a role model to them. Slezak feels that it would be a huge accomplishment to her and is something she would remember forever.

Color guard was like my door into high school, as I auditioned my eighth grade year. To be able to lead a strong group of people I love the most through one of the things I love the most is just a dream in itself,” said Slezak, who has been in color guard for two years. “To have people look up to you and come to you is amazing, but when it involves something you are so passionate about, it’s like an honor, so to even be able to audition for this place makes me joyful.”

“I want to test my leadership skills and I want to be a bigger part of what keeps the band moving,” said Cameron Hoak.

This year will be Hoak’s second year in guard and his first time trying out for this role. He plans to continue doing color guard after high school.

“I feel that as captain I would have more power to set up sectionals and help in more ways than one,” said Skylin Nicholson, who has been in marching band for three years. Two were spent in the color guard.

“I feel that there are a few other members of our team that have the ability to be a better leader than myself, but I will do the best that I can if put in that position,” she said.

Auditions will be held on May 10 after school. A few days after auditions, results will be posted on the Southmoreland Marching Band website, so those who auditioned will find out who was lucky enough to get the leadership position of color guard captain for the 2018-2019 marching band season.

Cristine Shields

Writer at Southmoreland High School
I like to write and do color guard 🙂
Cristine Shields
About Cristine Shields
I like to write and do color guard :)

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