Musical’s pit orchestra begins rehearsals

Between learning lines, singing, dancing and all the behind the scenes work that goes into the musical, the pit orchestra has began practicing. With 11 musicians and 25 different selections, the pit will have their hands full for the next three months.

To be part of the pit orchestra, dedicating time is key. Since the practices have just begun, there are only two per week, but by the time March arrives the pit will be dedicating their whole school week to staying after for countless hours to make the musical successful.

Jamie Gore, band teacher and conductor, said she has been “thrilled” to begin and is happy practices have begun. The excitement extends not only for her students but for herself as well.

“I’ve performed in countless production in the pit orchestra,” said Mrs. Gore. “But I’ve never had the opportunity to conduct a musical before.”

Ila Greenawalt, flutist, shares a similar joy for the pit’s performance.

“We’ve only had two rehearsals so far, but I have loved every second of it,” Greenawalt said. “It’s so much fun playing the songs that I’ve been listening to for months now and getting to do it beside all of my closest friends.”

Jesse Hauser, who is playing bassoon, normally plays trombone. He says that being in the pit and able to play the bassoon has helped him with technique and range. This all adds to the excitement he has received from being in the pit.

“It’s a different experience from anything else I did in band,” Hauser. “However, it feels no different in the amount of joy it gives me.”

Besides learning the music, the musicians are also faced with the fact that they will be playing for a long period of time. Mrs. Gore says that as rehearsals go on, it will become easier to play for longer periods of time. This is still a struggle nonetheless.

With all of these aspects put together, the pit orchestra alone will be able to blow the crowd away with their beautiful songs.

“We are the soundtrack,” said Greenawalt, adding that, without them, there would be no musical.

Caitlyn Slezak

Hello I am a sophomore at Southmoreland High School. I love color guard and eating food.
About Caitlyn Slezak
Hello I am a sophomore at Southmoreland High School. I love color guard and eating food.

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