Students accepted for PFEW business seminar

Sophomores Skylin Nicholson and Erial Sparks recently opened their emails to read that they were chosen to attend Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week this summer. PFEW is an opportunity for soon-to-be high school juniors and seniors to see what it is like to run their own business.

The two will set off to Lycoming College in Williamsport, where they will spend a week living on the campus, running a business, all while getting a feel for what it is like to live at a college.

Teaming with other high school juniors and seniors, groups of 20 will “turn their failing company into a financial success,” according to PFEW. The groups will assign roles and work together to create a product, website, and deal with the real life stresses of owning and maintaining a business.

PFEW promises “a unique experience” and access to all of the facilities at the college campus including gym, pool, and cafeteria. The girls got to pick their rooms and are rooming together for the week.

PFEW helps students take more responsibility while having fun and to have a taste of what it is like to be away at college, a situation many college freshman are terrified to face.

Nicholson and Sparks are both very excited for the opportunity.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for students,” Sparks said. “It sounds like it’ll be lots of fun, especially since I’ll have two of my closest friends there with me. Although, I’m both excited and nervous to go, I think it’s really cool that they do this program.”

To add a competitive spin to the week, the groups of students will be competing for a chance to win a $20,000 scholarship. The winning group will also get receive a profit of their company, but the girls aren’t going for the money. Says Sparks, “I feel like this opportunity isn’t just for the scholarship, but is to meet new people and to push you out of your comfort zone.”

The two Southmoreland students will be attending PFEW the week of July 8.

“I can’t wait until my friends and I get to experience a little bit of college this summer,” Sparks said.

Caitlyn Slezak

Hello I am a sophomore at Southmoreland High School. I love color guard and eating food.
About Caitlyn Slezak
Hello I am a sophomore at Southmoreland High School. I love color guard and eating food.

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