Snow Court king, queen nominees raise money for charity

For the first time, our school is choosing a Snow Court king and queen. Eight young men and  eight young women have been chosen to be the members of the Snow Court, 16 students in total. One person from each group will be chosen to be the snow king and snow queen.

The Snow Court is the homecoming court of the winter season. It was picked through voting by the senior class of 2018. This year, there was a tie between two girls, so they decided to change it to eight people each, instead seven, which they have done previously.

The king and queen will be chosen based on the amount of money each person raises for charity. The students have been receiving donations in the cafeteria during lunches at the kennel. The two people that raise the most money from each group will be crowned the king and queen.

Ian Zimmerman, one of the male members of the snow court, said he is honored to be on the court, but he wants to see everyone raise money more than win.

“I think it will be awesome to look back on, but in the long run, it’s all about the charity,” said Zimmerman. “I feel really honored being picked, but I just love the charitable aspect of it.”

There are 16 cans on display at the kennel, which is located in the cafeteria. The cans are personally decorated for each member. Students can drop a donation in any can during lunch to go toward charity. All proceeds will be going toward the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Emily Adobato, one of the girls on the Snow Court, is just as honored to be on this court as the homecoming court.

“It’s always a great feeling to know that me peers think positively of me and see me as a good fit to be a member. It’s exciting to be part of the court,” she said. “I love the fact of including both boys and girls to the court. It’ll give the charity more money as well since there will be more cans.”

Donations are the way they are doing their voting system; whoever raises the most money from each group of boys and girls will win the titles of king and queen.

“Snow court and Deck-It-Up in general are very important to me,” said Morgan Conty, another member of the court. “They raise money for an amazing cause, allowing a child with a severe illness to fulfill a wish they would never get to do.”

The king and queen were announced during the Deck-It-Up Tournament assembly before Christmas break on Dec. 21. Snow queen was Emily Adabato; Snow King was Ian Zimmerman.

Cristine Shields

Cristine Shields

Writer at Southmoreland High School
I like to write and do color guard 🙂
Cristine Shields
About Cristine Shields
I like to write and do color guard :)

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