Plans in works for high school astronomy club

Mr. Sean Cartwright has been interested in astronomy for some time. His love for the stars and planets has inspired him to begin an astronomy club here at Southmoreland.

“I have loved astronomy since I was in elementary school,” said Mr. Cartwright. “To this day, I look to the stars every time there is a clear, dark sky, and I am awestruck by the possibilities the cosmos presents.”

Mr. Cartwright brought up the idea to Mr. Zachary Cavalier, who  thought it was a great idea. Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Cavalier will be co-sponsors and the science advisers of the club. The main focus will be for the club to be run by a student board.

Mr. Cartwright has already talked to principal Mr. Dan Krofcheck about getting the club officially started, and plans are currently in the works. Mr. Cartwright wants to start the club as soon as possible.

“All aspects of science intrigue me. In addition to biology and chemistry, I am also certified in earth and space science,” said Mr Cartwright. “We are in a time of increasing and amazing cosmic discovery, and I wanted to pass that curiosity, intrigue, and love of space on to the students of Southmoreland.”

Mr. Cartwright has already started polling his classes to see who would be interested in joining, and a “substantial” number of students seem interested. He believes the club is going to become very popular among students and would like to get as many students involved as possible.

Projects and other events are still in the planning phases, among many aspects of the club. They will most likely be part of the overall learning experience. Projects and events may take up some time of after school hours, depending on what the club members want to do.

Mr. Cartwright would like to have star/planet gazing events at night and even go on field trips to observatories and planetariums.



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Cristine Shields
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