‘Scottie Saviors’ video will reach out to those struggling with addiction

People everywhere struggle with addiction, so Mrs. Denise Puskar, Mr. John Puskar, Mrs. Andrea Handford, and some of Mrs. Puskar’s students are creating a video in hopes that it will educate people and help save lives.

They have entered a PSA video contest for HOPE, or  the Heroin Outreach Prevention and Education Initiative, which is a youth action working group. The purpose of the contest is to work on engaging youth on creative and innovative ways to raise awareness on the dangers of fentanyl and prescription opioid abuse and heroin use.

“This is a very important subject and something that needs to be addressed now. If we reach just one person affected by this dilemma and impact their life in a positive way, we will have succeeded,” said Mrs. Puskar. She really hopes that this video will have a big impact on people.

To assist the students that are creating the video, Mrs. Puskar has worked with them on making phone calls and setting up interviews. Additionally, she has accompanied the students to the magistrate’s office and various other locations for the purpose of recording footage and personal interviews.

“This is their (students) video,” said Mrs. Puskar. “They have made all the contacts, done all the recording, and will edit this video into a final product.” The students will act in some of the scenes or provide voice overs, and will be behind the camera for other parts of the video, too.

Ryan Lemmon has been helping out by recording, interviewing, and editing the video.

“It is a great opportunity to help someone and to do something I love to do. Even if it changes the mind of one person, I would consider it a success,” Lemmon said. “It has been both stressful and enjoyable, but in the end, it gives you a great feeling knowing that this could make an impact on someone’s life.”  

The students have been working hard to finish this video, using every available period they have and much time after school. It has taken up a lot of time in their schedule, but they are willing to, if it means making a difference.

Joshua Lankey is also helping record, edit, and interview for the video.

After we release this video, even if only one or two people see it, that is one or two people’s lives that we have changed,” said Lankey, a senior. “I feel as if this project has changed my life. It showed me things that I never knew and has actually changed me for the better. After doing this project, I can say that it has made me a better person just from working on it.”

The title of the video will be “Scottie Saviors” and will be submitted on Nov. 22. The video will be posted to YouTube on Dec. 6.

To support the teachers and students involved and help them win the contest, community residents are asked to “like” and share the video and to vote for it and show friends and family. All likes and shares must be directly from the YouTube site posting and will be counted in the final voting tally beginning on Dec. 6, and ending on Dec. 21.



Cristine Shields

Writer at Southmoreland High School
I like to write and do color guard 🙂
Cristine Shields
About Cristine Shields
I like to write and do color guard :)

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