All star player joins girls basketball team

Cali Konek, junior, moved to Southmoreland from Riverdale Baptist in Maryland this year. Konek is a point guard who scored 1,000 points her freshman year.

Charity Henderson, a teammate of Konek’s, said this accomplishment is impressive.

“People score that in their whole high school careers, let alone in one year,” Henderson said.

Konek hopes to reach her 2,000-point goal this season.

“I think I’m at 1,295 points,” Konek said.

Konek really likes Southmoreland and the basketball team.

“I really like it and have met a lot of great people and friends,” Konek said. “The girls on the team are really nice, and I really like (coach Brian Pritts) too. I’m really looking forward to the season.”

Konek seems to be adapting well to the school and the team. Fellow teammates Maggie Moore, Carlie Collins, and Mackenzie Pirl all agree that she is adapting well and is a great addition to the team.

“Cali is a great point guard that can shoot and dribble and make everyone around her better,” Moore said.

“Cali adds a lot of energy to the team, and since we lost Liv [Porter] last year, she will be a great leader for our team,” Collins said.

Konek’s teammates describe her as a leader, kind, and hard-working.

“Cali is a hard-worker and sets goals for herself,” Pirl said. “She is definitely someone I think will do great things in her future.”

Coach Pritts is very excited to have Konek on the basketball team.

“Cali is a dynamic, all around player and an elite scorer,” Pritts said, “She understands the game very well and has proven that she can play at a very high level. All summer I believed we had a pretty good team coming into the season this coming year, and now, with the addition of Cali, I believe we have an opportunity to have a really special season.”

Pritts also believes that Cali fits in well with the other players.

“We have a really nice group of girls on the team, and Cali seems to be fitting in very well with everyone,” Pritts said.

Coach Pritts is looking forward to the next two seasons for the girls’ basketball team. He looks looks forward to getting to coach Konek and help her refine her skills at point guard. He believes that the team will have a lot of fun and win their fair share of games when the season starts next month.

With her senior year approaching, Konek hopes to commit to a D1 college to play basketball.

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