Scottie Kennel is now open

Southmoreland High School is bringing school spirit to a new level. The school is now putting the “kennel” in the cafeteria to use.

The “kennel” is a shop in the building where the student council plans on selling school supplies and school spirit items. The store will include everything students need to get through the school year.

It will include items such as student section gear, gum, pencils, and other needs and wants from students.

“We wanted to finally put use to the kennel, and this will be a trial run for the upcoming year,” said senior president Allison Sherbondy.

The shop will also include items for school spirit and items that can be worn to football games or various events.

“We plan on selling items that can be worn for football game themes,” said senior council member Morgan Conty.

The store will also be used to sell items for gym like hair ties, socks, etc.

“Chewing gum will also be an exciting addition to the kennel as well as other various items.” said English teacher and student council advisor Mrs. Amy Brown.

The “kennel” is being put in effect this Friday for the football game. The board plans to sell the items at the end of the day for the last football games and possibly during the basketball games and other indoor sports.

Students can visit the “kennel” in the cafeteria for all school and spirit related needs. See Allison Sherbondy or other student council members such as Morgan Conty and Emily Adobato for more information.

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