Musical theater club created in high school

Southmoreland has many extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs to partake in. Most recently, Southmoreland High School established its first musical theater club.

The school’s choral director, Mrs. Michele Zamperini, and the school’s band director, Mrs. Jamie Gore, have formulated the idea of the club.

The idea arose because of the school’s first musical in 40 years, Cinderella, being produced in March.

“We needed to start a drama club,” said Mrs. Zamperini. “When the club starts meetings, (they) will occur about two times a year.”

The club hasn’t been approved yet, but the two teachers do have the bylaws ready to be observed. Once the club has been approved by the school board and administration, the club’s activities and meetings will begin.

With every club, there has to be meetings on its happenings and new ideas for what to do.

The theater club is set to take over the musical itself and officials hope to land a field trip later in time.

“Besides taking over the musical and other productions, I hope to take the students on a nice trip,” said Mrs. Zamperini.

On Jan. 17, the cast of the musical voted to elect officers for the club. The student officials were announced and are as follows: President, Haley Kolar; vice president, Shelby Bryan; secretary, Dakota Coffman; treasurer, Cole Leasher.

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