Educational trip to Puerto Rico being planned

Southmoreland High School students have been invited to tour Puerto Rico, “the Island of Enchantment,” next summer, June 22-28, 2020. Anybody enrolled in the high school next year is eligible to attend.

The group leader of this trip is Mr. Zack Cavalier, and he is greatly anticipating this trip and the experience it will give to Southmoreland students.

“The itinerary is really packed,” he said. “It looks pretty exciting.”

The itinerary for the trip includes a rainforest and bioluminescent bay boat tour, snorkeling, a Puerto Rican cuisine cooking lesson, dancing lessons on the beach, a beach day, tour of historic San Juan, and a reef tour.

Mr. Cavalier, upon hearing of this trip, immediately pitched the idea to principal Mr. Dan Krofcheck and superintendent Mr. Vince Mascia. They both approved, wishing to have an inclusive event for all students in the high school.

Mr. Cavalier is hoping for a lot of student interest for this event, hoping to “fill the pack up.” It takes approximately 40 people to fill a bus and in order to have a private experience with only Southmoreland attendees.

“I hope there is a lot of interest. I would like to take as many as we can,” he said. “I know parents also wish to travel with their children on long trips like these, and for Puerto Rico, they are permitted to travel with us.”

Not only will this trip be a fun experience for parents and students alike, but it will also serve as a educational, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“The science component is the reef and rainforest tours. Puerto Rico is very historically significant, and there is the component of the foreign language as well,” he said.

The cost of one attendee depends on the number of students attending, but Mr. Cavalier is sure that it will be “very reasonable for what it’s all worth.”

“It seems like a very high quality trip,” he said. “It’s packed with cool stuff, and a lot of people have gone on it and they rated it highly.”

The Puerto Rico: Island of Natural Wonders Tour will be organized through EF Education Tours, Inc. and is one of the many Explore America Tours offered through the company. Students will not need a passport, only a “real ID,” but are encouraged to have a passport.

For more information, Students and parents can attend a meeting at 7 p.m. May 16 in the high school cafeteria

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