French teacher has a special love for culinary arts

It’s true what they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” because behind the doors of Mrs. Carrie Scott’s classroom, lies a book worth reading.

For the last 18 years, Mrs. Scott has been teaching French at Southmoreland. As much time as she had dedicated to teaching, it wasn’t always the path she was on. While she was attending college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she had her life on the route of culinary arts.

“I worked in a restaurant, in the kitchen,” said Mrs. Scott. “I realized, very quickly, it wasn’t for me.”

After changing her major to study the French language, she decided to spend a semester in France. Mrs. Scott described her experience as “eye-opening.” She truly “fell in love” with the country, the culture, and the language.

“I think the language is very pretty and knowing the language helps when you’re traveling,” she said. “It shows respect to the people there.”

While she still loves to cook in her free time, Mrs. Scott is very enthusiastic about teaching her students.

“She keeps learning fun and upbeat,” said sophomore Colleen Miller.

Along with that, her family is comprised of her husband Dr. Timothy Scott, and son Jake, age 6. Dr. Scott is superintendent of Kiski Area School District, a position he accepted after spending several years as an administrator at Southmoreland.

Mrs. Scott said that teaching “has allowed me to spend more time with my family.”

All in all, Mrs. Scott loves teaching, but her love for culinary arts is something that will never go away.

“I still love cooking because I find it very relaxing and therapeutic.” Mrs. Scott said. “I like experimenting with recipes I’ve seen on TV and am definitely not afraid to try cooking something I’ve never worked with before.”  

Mrs. Scott is definitely a very creative individual, in and out of the classroom and is loved by all her students.

“She is very involved with her students,” said junior Megan Hall. “You just know she loves what she does.”

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