Mr. Bundridge shares his life experiences with students

Southmoreland students adore many of their teachers. One of the most energetic, outgoing, positive, and stylish staff member you may come across is Mr. Kevin Bundridge.

Mr. Bundridge, more commonly known as “Mr. B,” is a personal care assistant in the high school. He is well known for not only his positive attitude but also his stylish attire.

“I have over 100 pair of shoes,” said Mr. Bundridge. “If you think that’s bad you should see my wife; she probably has over 500.”

He is in his sixth year in the Southmoreland District, having been at each building for two years. He began by student teaching in the Primary Center and worked his way up the schools until he landed a spot here. No matter what school he is in, he enjoys his job.

“I just love the kids,” says Bundridge “I have always been about influencing the youth.”

Mr. Bundridge has always had the energetic personality that he is known for, participating in basketball, track, tennis, football, and baseball in high school. He then went on to Westmoreland County Community College to further his education. While there, he coached basketball for 10 years. His sense of style was inspired from his own teachers in high school.

“When I went to high school, teachers always wore tuxedos,” said Bundridge, “I thought I would carry on that part of the past.”

One very important feat of Mr. Bundridge that students don’t know is he is an active minister and has been since he was 16.

“Being able to help people is the best part,” explains Mr. Bundridge. “I love to help with marriage counseling and student counseling.”

Mr. Bundridge was recently accepted into the Westmoreland County Juvenile and Youth Commission, where he will serve as a mentor. He leads a very positive life, yet it wasn’t an easy road for him to travel. Mr. Bundridge explains that he ran into conflicts in his youth, with alcoholism being a problem in his family.

“With the help of the Lord,” Mr. Bundridge said he found his way.

“I remember the Lord’s voice telling me, ‘You will be the one to end this line in your family,” he said. “I will make you a sheep among the wolves.”

From there, Mr. Bundridge said his relationship with the Lord “became a priority.” He shares his experiences with youth to inspire them and help lead them down the right path. He explains that he would “like to see more religion” in schools.

“It definitely should be included in schools,” said Mr. Bundridge, “When I went to school we said the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer to go with it.”

He does try to implement religious lessons with his own students, when he “feels it is right.”

“Religion is a touchy subject,” said Mr. Bundridge “But I don’t force religion on people; I just give them an understanding of the way I live my life.”

Mr. Bundridge is a minister at a Baptist church, yet he stresses how denominations isn’t the focal point.

“It’s not about denominations, it’s about trying to bring people into the church,” said Mr. Bundridge. “Even when a baby is crying and the mother tells it to ‘hush,’ I don’t like that. The baby can cry if it wants to cry; it shows that there is life in the church.”

In today’s world, many churches are seeing a decline in attendance, yet that is not the case for Mr. Bundridge. He said his church continues to grow, with an equal attendance from all age groups.

For now, Mr. B plans on continuing both careers in the church and the school for as long as he can. His dreams are to influence as many youth as he can and also to coach a high school basketball team.

Mr. Bundridge is a very influential person. He cares about his students and he “loves my Creator.”

“One thing I want kids to remember is to seek the kingdom of God before you make any decisions,” he said. “When you put all your faith in man, he ultimately will let you down.”

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