Student has chance to win $1,000 in Walmart competition

Southmoreland junior Dylan Opalinski is one of many teens who use their after school hours to make extra money at a job. Yet for Opalinski, he now has the opportunity to win $1,000 in a competition Walmart is participating in.

“I’ve been working as a cart pusher since the beginning of January,” said Opalinski. “I didn’t think I was going to have this type of opportunity with it.”

The corporation is currently in a competition for which U.S. store has the most downloads of the Walmart App.

“We qualified for the top 64 at first,” said Opalinski. “As of April 11, we were number one in the nation.”

For continuing to move up in the rankings, the employees, as well as the store, have already won lanyards, water bottles, a catered meal, and a $70 bonus. However, the overall prize that Opalinski coverts is $1,000.

“That seems like a pretty big chunk of money,” said Opalinski. “I know I tell myself that I’ll save it, but like every teenager I’ll probably end up spending it on food or an iPhone.”

Employees have turned to family out of state to help the Mount Pleasant Walmart stay in first place until the end of April.

“We’ve been calling friends and family from out of state to download the app and just choose the Mount Pleasant Walmart to keep us in first place,” Opalinski told the Tam O’shanter. “They don’t have to know your location, so it doesn’t matter where you are.”

To help Opalinski and the Mount Pleasant store, people can just download the Walmart app in their app store and select the Mount Pleasant location to keep the store in first place.

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