Nicholson surprised by selection to homecoming court

As a member of YEA, reading buddies, Alpha NHS, student council, the girls basketball team, the girls softball team, and more, Adeline Nicholson, 16, was voted to be a part of the 2016-2017 Southmoreland Homecoming Court.
“I definitely wasn’t expecting to get on,” said Nicholson. “I went months without talking to anyone, it was such an honor to hear my name.”
As a member of Team Pennsylvania, a travel softball team, Nicholson lost contact with a lot of her peers during the season due to her travels with the team. In a time span of only a few months, Nicholson and the rest of Team Pennsylvania traveled to Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland to play in tournaments.
Although Nicholson was voted onto the court, she wasn’t able to vote for herself. The 16-year-old earned herself enough credits for her high school career to be able to take a writing class at WCCC for the first semester of the year.
“If I were able to vote for who I wanted on, I wouldn’t have voted to the prettiest girl, or the most popular. I would have voted for who I thought was genuinely the nicest group of girls to be on,” she said.
Coincidentally, Nicholson’s expectations for who she thought deserved matched those who were selected.
“Everyone of these girls deserve to be on the Homecoming court,” she said.
Aside from being on the court together, this group of girls were never close friends in the past. After being chosen and setting up a group message between the seven of them, a close friendship began to form shortly after.
The initial purpose for the group message was mainly to figure out what everyone was going to wear to each of the events they will be in. The questions turned into them finding out how much all of them had in common with each other, and quickly became a close group of friends.
“It was funny how we started off by just agreeing that pant suits aren’t all that cute to having a continuous conversation about things that don’t even relate to the Homecoming court,” said Nicholson.
Although Nicholson said being on the court is a “great thing” for her, her main focus is working toward her future on a daily basis.
Though she is currently taking classes at WCCC, Nichsolson committed to Slippery Rock University in November of 2015 to continue her education next fall in early education. In addition to that, Nicholson will also be playing on the college’s softball team.

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