Kaitlyn Walch elected homecoming queen

Many high school students choose one sport or hobby and excel in that one extracurricular activity. However, that is not the case when it comes to Kaitlyn Walch.

Walch, 18, was voted Southmoreland High School’s Homecoming queen by her peers

“It’s a privilege” says Walch. “It’s nice to know that people like you and enjoy your company.”

“I would say I’m on the Homecoming court because I am involved in so many things, so I’ve gotten an opportunity to get to know more people. After years of getting to know many fellow students, I feel like they’ve also gotten to know me better.”

Walch is involved in track, tennis, soccer, softball and cheerleading, along with several clubs. Not only does Walch play five sports, but she also has several athletic accomplishments. Walch has been an All-American cheerleader for years, and she also remains undefeated for the current tennis season.

When balancing it all Walch says that it can be difficult to “go from a tennis match, straight to a soccer game, and not get home until 9:30 to do homework,” but Walch “likes to stay busy.”

Walch also discusses how the competition for the crown is in her blood considering her older sister’s victory.

“My parents were more excited than me, and I think that’s because of Alicia,” says Walch. “The fact that Alicia was on her Homecoming court also made me happy, because now this is an experience that me and her can share together.”

“I think we all have a chance to win for different reasons, because all the girls deserve to win for different reasons,” said Walch.

Southmoreland High School’s Homecoming queen will be announced at the Scotties’ home football game on Oct. 7.

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