Top Ranked Scout

When achieving a great goal in life, many people feel excited or on top of the world, but when Charles Echard accomplished the ranking of Eagle Scout, all he could think about was how relieved he was.

The Eagle Scout is the highest rank in scouting. The rank takes lots of dedicated work and has to be completed by the time the scout turns 18. Echard, only a freshman, accomplished this goal years before it was due. It isn’t an uncommon gesture to achieve the title of Eagle Scout at a younger age, but according to Echard, some people wait until the last minute.

“It took me four years to get my Eagle Scout,” Echard said. “I had to complete 21 merit badges across many fields from Environmental Science to First Aid and Personal Finance.”

Along with doing that, Echard had to do a lot of service hours and, of course, tie knots. After that, Echard brainstormed to find some projects, when he eventually picked one.

“I had to propose my idea to my scoutmaster, the district Eagle Scout advisor, and the beneficiary, The Borough of Scottdale,” Echard said. “After the project was approved, I lead the execution of the project and completed the task. After it was approved I stood before a Board of Review and they concluded that I rightfully earned Eagle Scout.”

A feeling of relief flooded through him and Echard thought about where this all began, at Cub Scouts in third grade.

“I joined because it seemed as if it would be fun,” Echard said. “It was so boring. But when I was old enough to join Boy Scouts, it was a blast.”

To join Boy Scouts you have to be 11 years old, so Echard was able to join his fifth grade year.

“My first week of summer camp was amazing,” Echard said. “The Order of the Arrow is my favorite part of scouting to this day. Boy Scouts is a blast.”

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