Mr. Andrew Yartin

Mr. Andrew Yartin helps Dominic Burke on the computer.

Mr. Andrew Yartin helps Dominic Burke on the computer.

People don’t typically follow in their parents footsteps. Mr. Andrew Yartin, however, did.

Yartin has been coaching football, just as his father did, for 30 years.

“My father was a coach”, said Yartin. “I grew up a little coach. When I was a baby, I was always around it”.

Yartin has coached football for both Monessen and Southmoreland. He started in both schools for different reasons. However, Southmoreland was because he began teaching here, but he wanted to coach at Monessen because he had kids who were playing there.

“Since I was coaching here”, said Yartin. “I [decided that I] should coach them.”

Yartin has coached every football position, but being personal with the players is the most important part.

“You’re only as good as your next performance”, Yartin said, and “Give nothing less, then your best effort”.

Yartin has only been teaching at Southmoreland High School and he teaches Graphics.

He said, “Teaching doesn’t interfere with coaching at all”.

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