A Unique Kind of Art

Nicole Alcorn has an interest in a unique type of art.

“After watching the process of tattooing, “said Alcorn.”I knew that nothing would make me happier in life than being able to tattoo for a living.”

Alcorn, a senior, works at “Spankys Tattoo”, a tattoo shop, in Mount Pleasant. She has worked there since last summer. For now, she draws tattoos in her free time.

Alcorn explains tattoos as “simply beautiful and a great way to express individuality.” She’s always been into art and the idea of tattoos since she was little.

She got her first tattoo at the age of sixteen, and then she knew that it was the lifestyle she wanted to pursue. Alcorn stated that she “made it happen,” so she went down to the tattoo shop everyday to show her interest in the work, and soon became friends with the owner. Alcorn then became a piercer herself.

“Awhile after that, I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime, to learn how to tattoo by a quality tattoo artist, that’s what I am trying to pursue now” said Alcorn.

Everything then became a muse to her art. Music became a “huge inspiration,” especially the artists with tattoos. Alcorn has fourteen tattoos as of now, including two on her feet, one on her thigh, one on both sides, her collar bone, fingers, and wrist, inner and outer arm, along with her hip. Though each tattoo has a symbolic meaning, Alcorn wants to keep her stories private.

“Nicole’s definitely different, but her tattoos make her unique and beautiful. She’s my best friend, and she’s absolutely fearless and a ton of fun,” said Ashley Cropp, a senior.

“Her tattoos aren’t like anyone else’s, they’re definitely better, she has most of them where others can see them,” said Andrew Frick, a senior.

Frick thinks that Alcorn has a very unique way of expressing herself. “She’s definitely not worried about what others think about her,” said Frick.

“I love seeing all of my memories inked on me,” said Alcorn. “It’s a life commitment that you carry with you, and no one can take it away.”

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