King Overcomes Adversity

Sarah King, pictured above.

Sarah King, pictured above.

July 9th 2012, was the day that changed Sarah King’s life and now things will never be the same for her.

“Honestly, I don’t even have the words to describe that day”, Said King. “It was just awful.”

That day started out like any other, she was home with her Mother and her younger sister Gracie, who wasn’t even a year old at the time. King was frustrated with an issue in her life, and went outside to be alone and think about things.

As Sarah stepped back through the door she started to lose her vision and fell straight into the table with the fish tank sitting on it. That’s the moment that everything changed.
“The next thing I remember is that everything was black, and people were screaming” said King.

Soon after she passed out her older sister Kelcie King came home. Kelcie King seemed more concerned than their mom; their Mom insisted she was fine and that she just gotten up too quick. Kelcie King told her mother, “She may look okay, but if there’s bleeding in her brain she might die.”

Her Mom finally decided to call King’s Great Grandmother, Shirley, to take her up to Frick Hospital. When they got there, they ran a CT scan and found a cyst in her brain.
Soon after that she went up to Children’s Hospital in an ambulance with her Grandmother. King’s Mom and Step Father followed up them in a car, they had Gracie with them.

“After I got there they put me in room 12 with no one else, I started to cry because I felt so alone,” stated King.

That night they did an MRI, the following morning the doctor got the results back and asked if her mother and Step Father could step out of the room to talk.

“I knew something was obviously wrong at this point, or they wouldn’t have asked them to leave the room.” King expressed.

Her mother stepped back in the room crying, she said the doctor told them that Sarah had a two inch benine astrocytoma tumor in her brain. In a second her world changed so fast.

“It was the kind of news everyone is scared to hear, I felt completely numb with shock.” said King.

King had to have an emergency surgery on the 12th, leaving the 11th to let things settle and let her think about things. The surgery went well, although October 8th she began to get migraines again. A few weeks later she got surgery to remove another cyst. That caused her to get cyber schooled for the rest of her 8th grade year.

This past July of 2013 they found another cyst. If it gets any bigger she will have to go into surgery again. The doctors are avoiding doing the surgery right away because of how far down it is.

“People from school say that I’m just an attention [seeker] and I’m faking it,” said King “I don’t see how people could even say that.”

It’s a never ending cycle for King.

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