Southmoreland band selects leaders for 2019 season

The Southmoreand band room was swarmed with anxious candidates for drum major, commanding officer and section leader for the upcoming 2019-2020 marching band season.

Marching band director Mr. Shawn Harris entered the band room with the results and posted them on the front board of the band room.

“This is one of the hardest parts of the season for me and the rest of the staff,” said Mr. Harris. “Some of you will be happy, but for others, nothing I can say right now will make you feel any better.”

The results for drum major and commanding officer were Bri Demagall and Alex Cramer, respectively. In addition to those selections, section leaders were announced as Maddy Garlowich, Lily Grech & Abbie Bashioum, Kaylea Wright, Monica Bentz, Mikayla Miller, Tenley Maple. Color Guard Captains were also named. They are Skylin Nicholson and Caitlin Slezak.

“I’ve wanted Drum Major since 8th grade,” Demagall said. “I’m glad my hard work paid off.”

To join the marching band, students must turn in a commitment form to Mr. Harris by June 7.

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