Chorus teacher excited about first ever school musical

Eighteen years ago, Mrs. Michele Zamperini began her teaching career at Southmoreland High School. From teaching chorus, and musical arts, to assisting Southmoreland theater productions, Mrs. Zamperini has now made her way to directing the school’s first ever musical.

Mrs. Zamperini is head directing this year’s school musical, Cinderella, which will be presented March 23-25 in the high school auditorium. Tryouts are taking place Dec. 9.

“My elementary school music teacher and the creator of C Glee, Gayle Cuneo, are some of my inspirations for me to start teaching music,” said Mrs. Zamperini, “I love to see the look on a student’s face when they accomplish their goal of getting something right.”

Mrs. Zamperini played piano, sang, and danced growing up.

“(Music) courses through my veins,” said Mrs. Zamperini. “With the beginnings of the musical happening, chorus and musical arts will all grow by assisting in the production.”

“For 18 years I wanted this school to do a musical,” said Mrs. Zamperini, “The musical can be a life changing experience for some students, for it allows them to work together and grow together.”

This is the first time that Southmoreland is doing a musical, and it doesn’t come without pressure and anxiety.

“I am anxious, yet thrilled, to be the director of Cinderella,” said Mrs. Zamperini. “I watched my two daughters, Gianna and Sophia, get lead roles in their musicals at Connellsville, and I was also a part of theater in high school and college. It’s finally Southmoreland’s turn.”

Mrs. Zamperini plans on staying at Southmoreland for the rest of her career and said she can’t wait to see how the excitement of theater continues through the years to come.

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