Walch follows in sister’s footsteps, crowned SHS homecoming queen

On Oct. 7, 2006, Kaitlyn Walch, 8, watched as her sister, Alicia Walch Gephart, was crowned homecoming queen for the class of 2007. Ten years later on the exact same day, Kaitlyn Walch was crowned homecoming queen for the class of 2017.

“Getting to watch my parents experience this twice, I know they were both really excited and proud of both of us,” said Walch. “When I found out it was exactly 10 years later, I thought that would be an awesome thing to share with my sister.”

Although thrilled and humbled to be queen, Kaitlyn’s main focus of her senior year wasn’t to be on homecoming court.

Walch has soccer, tennis, and cheerleading in the fall, and softball and track in the spring on top of clubs and school work, so she got to know a lot of people throughout her years of high school and she has tried to be nice to everyone. Being homecoming makes her feel like she has accomplished that.

“I’ve always tried to be nice to everyone in everything I do,” said Walch, “I always looked up to Briana Bunner (last year’s queen), so being queen makes me wonder if people talk about me the way I talked about her.”

Walch was really shocked when she heard her name be announced for queen because she thought everyone on the court had a high chance of winning, and she was surprised that she was chosen as queen. She was also thrilled to be congratulated and crowned by Briana Bunner.

“She told me congratulations, how I deserved it, and that she was proud of me,” said Walch.” Hearing her say that she was proud of me meant a lot, because Bri has been someone who I tried to follow in her footsteps.”

Walch said she was “very honored” to be homecoming queen because she learned that being herself and being a good person to everyone around her would benefit her and the people around her. It wasn’t even just being crowned queen that made Walch happy; she said she got numerous messages from people telling her that they were happy she won, she deserved it, and how much she has helped them throughout the years with everything. She is also honored to share the experience with her sister.

“Getting these text messages from people was hands down the best part about the entire experience, and I love the fact that I get to share this with my sister,” said Walch. “She was like another mom to me, and I watched her grow up into the person she is today, so getting to share this experience with her is really exciting.”

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