Homecoming experience runs in Sager’s family

After her mother, aunt, and cousin had all been selected to be on the Homecoming Court in previous years, Shelby Sager, 17, had her moment as well.
“It is an honor to be on the court, and I know it’s going to be a really fun experience,” said Sager after her selection.
To Sager, being a member of the Homecoming court shows that the girls are “genuinely nice” and “well liked.”
“Being that others thought those qualities of me just makes me feel good as a person, but I wouldn’t have felt bad about myself if I wasn’t voted on the court,” Sager said.
As all the girls can agree, they turned their selections into a close friendship between the seven of them.
“I love everyone on the court, and I wouldn’t want to be on it with anyone else,” said Sager
To Sager, being on the Homecoming court would be more special if she got to experience it with her best friend, Julia Cummins.
“Although she isn’t on, I still get to share another special part of my senior year with her in a different way,” said Sager.
For the past three years and even before that, Shelby and Cummins have never played a sport together. Shelby was a member of the Girl’s volleyball team while Julia played on the girls soccer team.
Unlike those past years, this year Sager switched it up and decided to leave volleyball and play soccer with Julia.
“It’s a great experience to be playing soccer for the first time this year,” said Sager. “Being with my best friend makes it all the better.”
For Sager, soccer or volleyball are not in the cards for her as she continues her life into college. She plans to attend either Slippery Rock University or Clarion University to get her degree in hospitality and minor in business.

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