Frye says joining friends on homecoming court is ‘awesome’

Dance and coaching midget cheerleading are Frye’s absolute favorite hobbies that she takes on for countless hours a week.

“The dance studio is like a second home to me and I’m really passionate about coaching the midget cheerleaders,” said Frye. “It makes me happy that the girls love that I coach.”

Having nine hours of dance a week, coaching midget cheerleading up to two nights a week, and being a cheerleader keeps Frye very busy. Along with having priorities for school such as; Youth Education Association, French Honor Society, French Club, All Academic Team, Reading Buddies, Random Acts of Kindness, Mock Trial, Reading Team, and being vice president for both National Honor Society and student council on top of keeping up with academics, being announced for homecoming court wasn’t even on Frye’s mind.

When Frye was announced for homecoming court it was something that she was not expecting at all and thought it was “awesome.” Her focus wasn’t just on her excitement and what she was going to do next though. Her next thought was wondering if they were going to call one of her best friends, Rachel Garstecki, next because she knew she would be right after her.

“Being one of my best friends and the fact that she deserves it 100 percent, I was really hoping they would announce her name,” said Frye.

After Garstecki was announced, her next focus was Kaitlyn Walch and hoping she would be announced. When knowing both of her best friends were announced for homecoming court with her, she was ecstatic.

“Being on homecoming court is cool, being on homecoming court with one of your best friends is awesome, but being on homecoming court with both of your best friends is amazing,” said Frye, “it makes the experience one hundred times better.”

Frye is happy that she gets to spend even more time with them and make another set of memories with them.

Although, she is excited about being on homecoming court with her best friends, she is also thrilled to experience this with the other girls as well. Frye enjoys the fact that she gets to spend more time with these girls in her grade and become closer with the ones she didn’t talk to much before.

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