Southmoreland sponsors spring sale

Spring is in full bloom at Southmoreland High School, and teachers Mr. Larry Ansell and Mrs. Bethany Eutsey have once again organized their annual spring sale. The teachers take advantage of the 4-year-old greenhouse by selling vegetables and flowers to benefit the house for years to come.

Mrs. Eutsey, a “migrant” to Southmoreland from Southeastern Greene School District, began this project from the ground up.

“ I brought this project over to Southmoreland from there,” she said, “I ran the greenhouse.”

Every item being sold is completely student-grown; the vegetables were grown by Mr. Ansell’s Intro to BioTech students, and the flowers by Mrs. Eutsey’s Earth and Space Science course. Mr. Ansell made the project a class requirement, and when hearing of the project, the students involved were ready to begin right away.

“By making it a class requirement, we got a good response across the board; a lot of them were very excited to jump right in and get to work,” he said.

The classes started planting in the last week of January, thus allowing them to begin the sale earlier than usual.

“We normally begin the sale on the week before Mother’s Day, but due to the early start, were able to begin the sale even earlier,” Mrs. Eutsey said.

The students’ excitement for the project only grew as the process went on.

“The kids really enjoyed it. They always look forward to going out every day and seeing how their plants are growing,” Mrs. Eutsey said.

The sale has already begun, and it will continue until it is sold out completely, and all of the money will be used to help fund the greenhouse as a self sustaining project and a continuous service to the students of Southmoreland.

Plants can be purchased outside of the greenhouse on weekdays after school from 2:30-3:30 or by appointment by emailing

“Our goal is to fund the greenhouse so the students can continue to work in it for years to come,” Mrs. Eutsey said. “It is a vital service of our school district, and it is necessary to keep it alive for the future generations of Southmoreland.”

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