Bundridge leads student prayer

Southmoreland High School was silent in observance of National Day of Prayer on May 2. More than 50 students gathered in the schools’ commons, hand in hand, with their heads bowed.

“We stood together and prayed, it truly united us as friends and people,” said Southmoreland senior Chris Pritts, “we prayed for each other and for all of us to find our own peace.”

Behind this harmony is the school districts very own, Mr. Kevin Bundridge. Mr. Bundridge is an aide for the special needs students, where he “makes them a part” of his own family and inspires them “to do things they never thought they could do.”

Before working at Southmoreland, Mr. Bundridge “grew up in a family where (his) parents didn’t go to church, but (his) grandparents did.”

“I started going every Sunday at the age of 9, and I was baptized at 16,” said Mr. Bundridge, “I was the youngest trustee in my church history.” After this, he became a deacon at his church, then a minister, and then finally he was ordained as reverend in May of 2014.

He informed students that May 2 is National Prayer Day. He invited everyone to join him in prayer.

“I believe that students (who are willing) need to know that no matter what situations and circumstances they go through, God is there for them,” Mr. Bundridge explained. “If we don’t teach them that God is there for them, the world will gladly take them and show them the wrong way.”

Before the prayer, Mr. Bundridge tells his crowd what he will be praying for today, and one, powerful word was emphasized: “Unity.”

“Pray that we can come together in unity with one another knowing that God had a plan for each and every one of us before we were even born,” said Mr. Bundridge.

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