Bump It Up raises money for student government

Southmoreland High School’s student council recently held an event called Bump It Up, which raised more than $1,000 for student council. This is student council’s primary fundraiser throughout the course of the year, and it is vital to keeping the student government alive being that the student government has supported many activities this year.

Bump It Up is a double elimination volleyball tournament that entertains students for a day. Student council brought in snacks and a variety of drinks for each participate in the tournament, which were displayed in the cafeteria before each lunch.

At the end of the shortened day, the two final teams, Ronnie Robinson’s team and Sarah Pisula’s team played one another. Sarah Pisula’s team won and was presented with a volleyball trophy, which was engraved with, “Bump It Up Champion, 2019, Southmoreland High School.”

Being that student council wanted to have an end of the day assembly that the entire student body could attend, a “Teacher Court” was held for the first time, modeled after Homecoming court. Each student voted on the teacher court. Five female teachers were nominated, and five male teachers were nominated. This one vote also picked the Teacher King and Teacher Queen. Student council got each teacher white satin sashes that were labeled “Teacher Court” and two other sashes that were labeled “Teacher King” and “Teacher Queen.” Student council also ordered two crowns and a bouquet of flowers for the two winners.

Mr Michael Saunders, and his wife, Mrs. Denise Saunders won. Mr and Mrs. Saunders have been teaching at our district for almost 30 years. Student council was excited to crown them “Teacher King” and “Teacher Queen” in front of the student body.

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