Southmoreland senior directors to enjoy final show

Flamingo hats, bright colors, coral reefs greet you as you walk into the beloved chorus room of Southmoreland High School. You have to walk as if you’re in an obstacle course in the days leading to the musical. You might be thinking, “This must be so unorganized” But it’s not. Behind the school’s production, The Little Mermaid, are two senior directors, Erin Polakovsky and Colin Sherbondy.

“I’ve been the bridge between staff and students,” said Polakovsky. She also helps by doing important production tasks like “making copies and keeping track of documents.” They keep the show running smoothly, and allow the staff to create something beautiful without the worry of losing or forgetting very necessary things.

Polakovsky has been involved for four years, Sherbondy for two.

“Being able to give other people their shining moment is the best feeling ever,” Sherbondy said. Polakovsky agreed.

“I get to work my butt off in the way that I’m most comfortable and see the results of my hard work pay off on stage,” she said.

It is apparent that both students are incredibly passionate about their work and making sure the musical reaches its full potential. They’re are getting excited about it more and more the closer it is appearing.

“I do have high ambitions for the musical, as I’ve seen how hard every single person involved has worked on making themselves the best they can possibly be,” Sherbondy said.

Sherbondy even shares that his favorite memory was “watching everyone do the show the whole way through for the first time. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.”

It’s going to be so amazing,” added Polakovsky. She reminisces her favorite memory in her four years of being a student director in the schools plays and musicals.

“(I) cried 116 times last year in the four show days,” Polakovsky says.

There might be more tears shed within the next three days, considering this dynamic duo will be graduating.

“I’m not going to pursue this in college unfortunately, because I am going to school to become a pediatrician,” Sherbondy says. He will be attending Seton Hill University.

“I would like to pursue this in college, through a club or something similar,” Polakovsky says. She will be attending California University of Pennsylvania.

It is clear to say, that wherever these two end up, they will always remember their years of being student directors.
With each productions being better than the last one, come see all the hard work Southmoreland students have done the past few months in their production of The Little Mermaid.

Performances will be at 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, March 28-30; with a 2 p.m. matinee Sunday, March 31.


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