Southmoreland grad helped build homes for veterans

Most college students look forward to spring break. It is a time where they rekindle old friendships and a time away from school and the work that follows. However, at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, students were given the opportunity to go on “an alternative spring break tip with the habitat for humanity” at the college.

Emily Halsted, an SHS graduate, spent her spring break in Avery County, North Carolina. There, she helped  build a home for two disabled veterans.

“There were 25 of us altogether, including students, faculty, and alumni,” said Halsted.

Being surrounded by such a selfless and outgoing group of people inspired Halsted.

“I feel inspired and proud to be with individuals who are stepping out of the comfort zones and giving up their spring breaks to serve others,” Halsted said.

Halsted remembered meeting the pair of veterans for whom she and her group are building the home.

“The house is for a husband and wife who were both marines, and I think that it is awesome that Habitat for Humanity can support them,” said Halsted.

After a week of hard work and dedication, Halsted said that the trip “tested (her) sociability, handywork, and leadership.”

She added that she “truly appreciated this opportunity that I was given.”

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