Random acts of kindness club gives back to community

Many people can agree that holidays have the power to bring people together, even if it is for a short period of time. Last month, Southmoreland High School English teacher Mrs. Jenna Hixson, through her club Random Act of Kindness, had students to give back to the community.

Walking down the streets of Scottdale on Halloween night, children dressed up and were trick or treating. People sitting on their porches passing out candy were greeted by the smiling faces of Mrs. Hixson’s RAK club.

“We went around to a lot of houses in Scottdale,” said sophomore Lily Jacquillard. “We gave out bags  (full of house supplies)  to people that were passing out candy.”

People spend hundreds of dollars on candy for one night, and they weren’t expecting anything in return for their good deed.

“They never expected to get anything in return,” said Jacquillard. “They give out candy every year and never get anything in back.”

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