All writers welcome to Writer’s Cafe

Club president Maria Schultheis had made it possible for the members of Writer’s Cafe, the school’s writing club, to be able to publish their writing online.

The club, which began in 2016 by four juniors who wanted a place for students to feel open about writing, meets weekly in the newsroom in the English hallway. It is open to all grades and all genres are welcomed in writing. In the past few months there was an event known as a poetry slam held where students write based on a specific topic and two poems were pitted against one another to decide which was better and which poet would move on in the competition.

The Writer’s Cafe offers students multiple outlets for their writing, and now these pieces can be placed online for the public to read. Last year the website was opened for anyone to publish on and to read. Anyone who would like to access this site can find it at

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