Southmoreland senior cheerleaders to cheer in Disney World parade

This December, Southmoreland senior cheerleaders captains and co captains will be attending Disney World to march in a parade in Magic Kingdom that recognizes them for their leadership qualities and cheerleading abilities.

¨Making All American is all about hard work and determination.” said varsity cheer coach Susan Johnson. “Working hard to perform a routine and determined to execute the routine perfectly.¨

The captains being recognized are Zoe Carson, Olivia Price, Megan King, and Lauryn Lubecki as well as seniors Kalianna Rager and Ashley Matheny.

¨I am honored to perform in Disney alongside my best friends, Zoe, Lauryn, and Megan.” said Price. ” I cannot wait to travel through the countries in Epcot and try the different foods and drinks, as well as see the different cultures.¨

At cheer camp this past summer, the girls learned a variety of new dances, cheers, and stunting techniques. The last day of camp, three UCA camp instructors judge the girls in a try out for the Disney parade, otherwise known as the All American Cheerleader, and each girl that tries out must perform a dance, cheer, and jumping ability such as a toe touch, hurdler, or pike. The judges also take into consideration their leadership skills, and personal qualities.

“The process is nerve wracking” said Price. “There are three judges considered professional cheerleaders hardcore judging your jumps, routine, and even the pitch of your voice. The judges take into consideration your leadership skills over the course of three days, so it really is an honor to be chosen.”

At the end of the last day, the girls who made the All American Cheerleader group are called out by name, being presented with a patch for their letterman jackets, a UCA gold medal, and a ribbon with the year printed on it, then they are presented with the information for the Captain’s Parade.

“The process of trying out is definitely worth the feeling you get after you learn that you made it.” said Price.  “Knowing you get treated as a Disney cast member all day, is very exciting”

This parade takes place on two different days, with one dance group performing one day, and the second dance group performing the following day. The girls are all staying at the same Disney resort so that practices are easy to get to, and each girl will also be presented with a uniform that is made to fit them.

“I see going to Disney and participating in the parade as an opportunity to make new and final memories.” said King. “I get to go with my best friends, girls I’ve been cheering with for what seems like forever, before life takes us all separate ways.”

Many are excited to hear that cheerleaders from the small town of Scottdale, PA are being sent to Disney World to march in a national parade. Each girl is recognized on a national level being that UCA is a national cheerleaders organization.

“Having the opportunity to see our daughter and her friends march in the UCA Parade at Magic Kingdom is an unforgettable experience.” said Lauryn Lubecki’s mother Jennifer Lubecki. “This will be our second time participating and the memories last a lifetime. We are so proud of Lauryn, Olivia, and Zoe on being six time UCA All American cheerleaders.”

The girls will depart from Pittsburgh International Airport on November 28th for this amazing opportunity.

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Student council president, varsity cheer captain, class secretary

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