YEA seniors volunteer for ‘Learning for Life’

As senior Abbie Kubasky spent the day painting faces, she was yet again inspired by the children surrounding her, further encouraging her future plans to be an elementary school teacher.

On May 15, YEA seniors with similar aspirations as Kubasky volunteered at the Learning for Life day to provide a fun filled day for local special needs kids.

Special needs children from Southmoreland, Fort Allen, Latrobe, Clelian, Metzgar, and Nicely school districts took part in these activities, and not only were their hearts fulfilled by the volunteers, but their happiness also “was repaid to the volunteers as inspiration,” Kubasky said

Senior Makenna Myers agreed.

“It’s so fulfilling knowing you’re making a difference in someone’s life,” said Myers.

Like Buddy Day that took place in the fall, Learning for Life day is a day full of activities like crafts, kickball, train rides, a dance party, obstacle courses, face painting, and more. It is an opportunity that YEA provides for high school students to connect with younger children in the community.

“I love helping the kids and making sure they have a good time,” said Alena Pavlocak.

Some volunteers were able to reconnect with the students they were paired with on Buddy Day as they partook in the activities they were helping with.

“Buddy Day is one of my favorite activities that YEA does for our community, and I love that I was able to experience something similar again before I graduate,” said senior Katrina Goodlin.

With only 26 volunteers from Southmoreland and help from other teachers, hundreds of children were able to have a fun filled day in Hempfield Park.

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