Students select Ansell as prom king, Fasano as queen

Everyone was crowded onto the dance floor, everyone standing and facing the DJ while the lights flashed and anticipation filled their body as soon as they heard the words, “OK everyone, time to announce your 2018 prom king and queen.”

After junior class president Cole Leasher announced, “And your 2018 prom king is…” followed by a short pause, the crowd went wild. Garrett Ansell, a junior, ran up to the front of the crowd and placed his crown on his head. Shortly after, the crowd responded with cheers once again as the 2018 prom queen was announced. Just as Garrett did, Justina Fasano, a senior, went up to the front of the crowd and placed her tiara on her head while the crowd chanted, “Tina, Tina Tina!”

“It was an exciting moment,” Fasano said. “Hearing the entire room screaming for me was surreal.”

Fasano sais she was “very grateful, excited, and surprised” all in one when she heard her name announced as the 2018 prom queen.

“I was super excited. I would never have expected to win, but it was nice to know that people voted for me,” said Fasano. “I’m really awkward at accepting things like that, though. Regardless, I like to think that I’m nice to everyone and I’m an easy person to talk to, so others must see that in me, too.”

Other than being named prom queen, Fasano sais she had “an amazing time” at her senior prom. Her favorite part about prom was spending it with some of her closest friends.

“Prom was one of the best moments of my senior year,” she said. “It was the first high school dance that I ever went to, and it was a blast. Being with my best friends for the night was the best part. We danced and laughed and made a ton of memories. I will cherish that night for a long time.”

Many students said the best part of the night was seeing Garrett run up to receive his crown, all excited and smiling from cheek to cheek when he heard his name announced.

“I was really excited,” Ansell said. “It was my favorite prom, and I had a ball.”

Winning prom king was just one amazing aspect of Garrett’s night, but he sais he had an amazing experience at prom with his date, Katrina Goodlin.

“It was one of the best nights of my life. This was my third prom and by far the best,” Goodlin said. “His happiness brought me so much joy; I’m blessed to have been able to take him.”

When hearing Garrett’s named announced, Goodlin was just as ecstatic as Garrett was.

“I cried when he won,” she said. “He is such a beautiful person. I was beyond thrilled.”

Along with many other people, Goodlin can agree on what an amazing and happy person Garrett truly is.

“Garrett is the most genuine person I have ever met. Every person we came across on Saturday he said hello to and either shook hands with them or hugged them,” said Goodlin. “He danced the entire night and never stopped smiling once. He is such a blessing, and I think everyone could learn something from him. I know that I definitely have.”

The following Monday after prom, one of Garrett’s teachers, Ms. Michele Shawley, noticed just how excited Garrett still was.

“Garrett was so excited coming into school on Monday after being named Prom King over the weekend,” she said. “He gave me the biggest and most contagious smile when I said ‘Congratulations on winning Prom King.’ I addressed him as ‘King Garrett.’ He then pointed at himself and said ‘that’s me!’” Shawley said.

Ms. Shawley said she is very proud of the students who came together to make the 2018 prom an absolutely unforgettable experience for Garrett.

Along with Goodlin, Ms. Shawley believes that Garrett is “an amazing and inspiring kid.”

“It is very difficult to describe Garrett in a few words because there are so many words in the English language to describe him,” Ms. Shawley said. “Blessing, admirable, caring, compassionate, courteous, generous, charismatic, embracing, and loving.”

In addition, there are many reasons why Ms. Shawley believes that Garrett deserves to be the 2018 prom king.

“Garrett is an inspiration to the teachers, staff, and student body at Southmoreland High School. Students here at the high school would agree with me that Garrett deserves to be the 2018 prom king. Garrett is a friend to everyone that he encounters.

“I am so happy at the generosity and the kindness of the students for helping to give Garrett this opportunity of being crowned prom king.,” Ms. Shawley continued. “In a world where you could be anything, be kind,” said Ms. Shawley.

Those who attended the 2018 prom had an enjoyable time, but what made the experience even better for many of them was seeing two very well deserving people being named the 2018 prom king and queen.


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