Prom season begins soon

With time quickly passing for students at  Southmoreland High School, many are eager to begin preparing for the prom.

Senior Michaela Burke is going to two proms, at Mount Pleasant and Southmoreland. She’s planning to wear the same dress to each, considering that the events are in consecutive order.

“I’m so excited to get to go to two proms this since I have friends in both districts,” Burke said. “So I get to experience it in the best of both worlds.”

Senior Gracen Kenney is excited that she found her dress on discount for 65 percent off total due to slight complications.

“I plan to spend the time after prom with my friends in a calm environment, mainly since we aren’t party people,” she said. Her prom date is senior Jake Smithula. Kenney said she does not have any stress this year about going since she’s “had enough time to plan.”

Compared to these girls, however, the guys don’t seem to be so at ease about going. Senior Jason Szatkowski is going with Mckenzie Blair but said he still is “feeling the pressure about going.”

As confidence rises for the seniors, they’re happy to sit back and watch the time pass and finish off the year with another enjoyable event.

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