Alison Huffman wins Trib Total Media’s annual Outstanding Young Citizen Award

Bursts of excitement and disbelief flowed through Alison Huffman as she heard her named announced as a gold medalist at the Trib Total Media’s annual Outstanding Young Citizen Awards banquet. She was one out of 10 student selected for this award out of 533 applicants.

Every year the Trib Total Media recognizes 100 top students from 97 area schools for their outstanding achievements in and out of the classroom.  This year the Trib Total Media received 533 applicants, which then are narrowed down to the 100 top students. These students then attend the Trib Total Media banquet where it’s narrowed down to 12 students: two students are selected as the $5,000 scholarship recipients, and the other 10 top students are recognized as gold medalists.

Only juniors and seniors can be nominated for this award. They also must be nominated by someone who recognizes their involvement and achievements in and out of school. Huffman was nominated by Vicky Simon, who works at the YMCA of Laurel Highlands.

I was sitting there listening to all these kids being called up and thinking about all the amazing things that some of these kids have done in their community,” said Huffman, “and I’m thinking there’s no way I’m getting called up there.”

As Huffman sat there listening to names being called, she was in complete shock when she heard her own name called.

“When I was called up, I was speechless, and then they started announcing all my achievements,” said Huffman. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Huffman displays much appreciation for everyone who has helped her reach this wonderful achievement.

“I’m so grateful for Vicky and all my friends and family who support me,” said Huffman. “I’m so grateful for receiving this award. It shows me that hard work really does pay off.”

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