‘Pasta for Protection’ dinner is Saturday

In light of the recent attacks on public schools, Southmoreland School District is taking steps towards advancing school security, the first measure of which is a fundraiser sponsored by the PTA.

“We will be holding a ‘Pasta for Protection’ dinner Saturday, April 14 from 3-7 p.m. at Southmoreland Elementary school Cafeteria” said Kristin Smith, a PTA member leading the event. “Basket raffle tickets can be purchased Thursday and Friday (April 13-14) between 4:30 and 6;30 at SES cafe.”

School Board member and parent Jim Carson, along with Mrs. Smith, thought of the idea and came up with a plan together. They feel the dinner is a great way to come together as a community in support of the school.

We have had a huge amount of support and are excited what we as a community can do,” said Mrs. Smith. “Our goal is to raise $40,000 to help fund increased security. This is a district wide fundraiser.  It is Southmoreland School Board approved and it will benefit all Southmoreland Schools.”

Included with the dinner is spaghetti, salad, bread, and desert. The price of children 11 and under is $5 and the price for anyone over the age of 12 is $10. There are more than 100 baskets donated to the basket raffle and apart from the initial costs, the school board and PTA is asking for monetary donations.

All sponsorships will be recognized on our Honor Roll of Giving which will be displayed at every school,” said Mrs. Smith. “After funds have been received by the PTA, we will turn them all over to the experts (the Security team) and they will use the funds wherever they see fit.”

The Security Team at Southmoreland (Headed by retired State Police Officer Greg Keefer) has created a list of changes or additions that need made in the district after having a State Police Safety Assessment. These include possibilities such as securing outside and inside doors, video cameras on doors, possibly creating a “mousetrap” at the SPC, and metal detectors among other additions. 

Everyone is pulling together because we all know important it is for our schools to be as safe as they can possibly for for our children and teachers.” said Mrs. Smith. “Instead of talking about doing something, we are doing something.”



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