Reading Buddies selects Dr. Seuss theme

For Dr. Seuss’s birthday, Reading Buddies volunteers read Oh the Places You’ll Go and came up with an activity based on the book.

“We had the kids write what they wanted to be or where they wanted to go when they were older on a hot air balloon to keep with them,” said sophomore Sarah Pisula.

The kids were “really excited” about this Reading Buddies in particular because they had been studying Dr. Seuss all week in class, according to freshman Lily Jacquillard.

“This Reading Buddies was special because it gave the kids hope and let them know that they can do a lot with their life,” Jacquillard said.

The volunteers participate in Reading Buddies because they “love seeing and being around happy kids.”

“I love being around the kids,” said sophomore Erika Sherbondy.  “And if you’re having a bad day, they always put a smile on your face.”

“It feels good to help little kids,” said Kendall Yuhouse, freshman. “I like to make kids happy.”

“A lot of the kids are really sweet and interested in learning but don’t get the attention they need at home,” Pisula said, “so it feels really good to make them feel like they’re wanted and that they’re special.”

The volunteers have favorite moments from each Reading Buddies day.

“The little girl I was with drew a ‘map’ to her house, so I could come over because she didn’t want me to leave,” Paige Moore said.

“Halfway through reading the book again, my buddy gasped and said, ‘Is this Dr. Seuss? I’m never going to get this book dirty!’ Then, he hugged it real tight,” Pisula said.

Students wishing to volunteer should see Mrs. Jenna Hixson, adviser.

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