Students enter work in Slippery Rock art contest

Southmoreland students, CJ Medley, junior, Scarlett Davidovich, Marissa Hribal, and Olivia Robertucci, sophomores, used social media to enter Slippery Rock’s art contest in January. One will attend a recognition reception next month.

Students posted their pieces on their social media accounts and used the hashtag  #srudraw2 to make sure their creations were seen by the judges. The students chose from the pieces they were most proud of.

Medley placed in the top 20 and will attend a reception on April 2 to be recognized and submitted  three portraits.

“One was a symbolic portrait of myself. Another was of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and the other was a recreation of The Front Bottoms’ cover from their self-titled album,” Medley said.

Davidovich, Hribal, and Robertucci received honorable mentions for their work. Davidovich sent a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, Hribal sent a drawing of Cinderella and a sketch of a bucket and apples, and Robertucci entered a portrait of Roger Waters.

Mrs. Elizabeth Goodman told the students about this contest. The students who entered said they were proud of their work and wanted it to be displayed.

“There are rarely any downfalls to entering contests,” Medley said, “so I just decided ‘why not?’ Even if I hadn’t won anything, it got my art out into the public and seen by a college staff.”

“I thought that this would be a great opportunity to have people who have made a living out of art in some way to see what I can do,” Hribal said.

“I entered because it was easy to enter,” Robertucci said, “And I was proud of my piece.”

Thanks to the ability to enter on social media, it was very easy to enter the contest. 148 entries were posted using the hashtag srudraw2 on Instagram. IMG_2259 IMG_2260 Snapchat-384913275 Screenshot_2017-11-04-10-55-52 image_6483441image_123986672

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