Clark awarded ROTC scholarship

Senior Hannah Clark has received some of the best news that any soon to be college student would love to hear. She has received a three year advanced designee army ROTC scholarship.

After graduating from Southmoreland, Clark plans to join the army ROTC while also attending college that will better help her career in the ROTC.

In order to apply for the scholarship, Clark had to dedicate a lot of her time and effort.

“For the scholarship, I had to do two essays, a physical fitness assessment, apply online, and go through an interview,” said Clark. “For the fitness assessment, I had to do a mile run, one minute sit ups, and one minute push ups.”

When Clark got the news that she received the scholarship, she was filled with excitement.

“I cried and I called my family and told all my friends,” said Clark.   

The scholarship grants full tuition for three of four years to any college of Clark’s choosing. Clark only has to pay the tuition for her freshman year; her sophomore,  junior, and senior years will be tuition free.

Clark plans to use her scholarship at Robert Morris University and major in cyber forensics and and information security.

“It will give me more experience for when I enlist in the army for the military intelligence branch,” she said.

Clark expressed much excitement over receiving this scholarship.

“It was a nationwide scholarship, so it’s awesome getting selected for it because it’s a big deal,” she said.

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