Cinderellas grateful for ‘musical’ opportunity

The prince is giving a ball and everyone is invited, including both Cinderellas. Yes, two Cinderellas. Southmoreland’s first musical in over 40 years is only a month away and rehearsals have intensified to perfect every scene. With all the rehearsals and everything falling into place, Joselyn Busato and Makayla Harvey have been hard at work to become the fictional girl we know and love.

Everyone is different, so when it comes to portraying Cinderella, it varies between the two. Of course, we all know Cinderella as a positive girl whose smile “shines brighter than stars,” but both girls bring different features to the table. For Joselyn, Cinderella’s uncertainty is shown more, for she brings out the meeker side of the character. As for Makayla, she focuses more on keeping Cinderella very enthusiastic, but both bring forward the positive and joyful attitude seamlessly.

Both are very ecstatic to have the opportunity to play such an important role.

“It’s extremely humbling and also very exciting!” said Busato. “I’m proud that I can help represent Southmoreland in such a unique way, especially because it’s the first musical in so long.”

Both girls have been rehearsing countless hours to make the musical jaw dropping, and both have agreed thatit takes a lot of time and dedication.

“Quite a lot of time has been spent rehearsing at school, at home, and while singing in the car or shower,” said Busato. “There are so many little details to pay attention to when you play a key character, and even just trying to figure out her quirks and idiosyncrasies takes up a lot of time.”

Of course, with such an important role, both girls have felt pressure at some point. From learning lines and hitting notes to memorizing dances and showing up to practice, a lot is on their shoulders; however, they have been handling it like professionals.

“When I look at some of the other extremely talented and experienced people in the cast, I sometimes feel like I don’t measure up to the bar they’re setting.” said Busato. “It’s also very nerve racking to sing in front of people along with juggling lines, blocking, choreography, and making it all believable.”

Even with this in mind, both girls agree that they were picked as Cinderella because the staff knows they can handle it.

Being a part of a double casted role, the girls are faced with the question how does it feel? For some, it is looked at as taking away the spotlight or that they aren’t good enough for the part on their own. The girls quashed these comments right away and said they feel the exact opposite. Going through the rehearsals, the girls have created a “form of sisterhood” and are extremely grateful to have the other there for support, advice, and a good laugh.

Busato and Harvey have been granted with a “wonderful opportunity” to star as Cinderella and have “loved every second of it.” They both believe being the lead has helped them learn valuable lessons. Each girl will be performing for two of the four shows that run from March 22 – 25.

Caitlyn Slezak

Hello I am a sophomore at Southmoreland High School. I love color guard and eating food.
About Caitlyn Slezak
Hello I am a sophomore at Southmoreland High School. I love color guard and eating food.

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