History teachers react on proposed U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem

The United States has supported Israel ever since the creation of the state in 1948, but because of this support both nations have received backlash in many ways. President Donald Trump’s recent announcement to move the American Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem may be the president’s most controversial move made yet.

Tensions have always been high between Israelis and Palestinians due to border disagreements, along with many other issues, but in recent years both have been able to coexist due to weak peace treaties, international intervention, and shaky borders that both ethnic groups hope to redraw. The delicate balance between these two groups was ruptured when President Trump proclaimed that Jerusalem was the true capital and announced that the U.S. Embassy would be moved to Jerusalem. Reaction to this announcement have been mixed.

”I understand where he is coming from, with Israel being such a strong ally. But I don’t believe it was necessary,” said history teacher Mr. David Keefer. “Israel needs us as an ally, so recognizing Jerusalem as the capital will not change our relationship with them.”

This proclamation, although exciting the Israelis who have been hoping for this, angered Palestinians because they believe that this move will give the Israeli people sovereignty over the entire city, Mr. Keefer explained.

Chaos ensued within a  day of the announcement. In Gaza and the West Bank, where much of the conflicts have taken place between the two nations, 22 Palestinian protesters were injured. Nineteen were injured in Gaza, and out of those 19 four were wounded by fires. Some teenagers as young as 15 were at these protests.

”I think youth often are leaders in protests,” Mr. Pajak said. “I think it’s hard to compare to some of these things in the U.S.”

Israeli troops were sent in to try to control the protesters and were seen using tear gas to break up a group of protesters in a settlement near the West bank. Many women protested near the Damascus gate, and many of the schools were closed, and the schools that were open were scarcely attended.

Ultimate this move, Mr. Keefer believes, will result in “an increase in Middle East violence.”

Many political, religious, and world leaders have voiced their opinions on President Trump’s decision and how it will affect these people, the region, and the world. Many world leaders have all agreed that they will not be doing the same as President Trump, once the American Embassy is moved into the city and become the first official foreign embassy in Jerusalem

“It goes against the opinions of our NATO allies such as Germany, France and Great Britain,” Mr. Pajak explained. “Any American announcement regarding the situation of Jerusalem prior to reaching a permanent settlement will harm peace talks and increase tensions in the area.”

As America moves forward on their plans to move their embassy, the country of Israel must face the turmoil that has been caused by years of distrust and hostility among its people that has been reawakened by foreign involvement in their unstable nation.

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