Snow Court, ‘Deck it Up’ highlight 2017 holiday season

“The most wonderful time of the year,” as the song says, is fast approaching. The community celebrates this season with festive lights, Christmas trees, and a holiday break.

Before winter break, Southmoreland High School celebrates the season with a day dedicated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. “Bump it Up” (volleyball tournament) has been held at the high school for several years in support of the cause and giving back. The $5 fee to participate in the tournament goes to help kids in our area who are a part of the foundation.

Southmoreland has also presented and crowned a snow court. The court consisted of  seven young men voted on by the senior class. The king, however, is not crowned by the same votes. Every court member received a can that would be set out during lunches for students from all grades to put money in as a vote. Whoever ends up with the most money raised is crowned king.

This year, Southmoreland is switching things up. Instead of “Bump it Up,” a “Deck it up,” (deck tennis tournament) will be held to gain more participation from underclassmen, for it is also held in the middle school.

“I think Deck it Up will get more than just upperclassmen involved,” said student council president Alli Sherbondy. “The participation between grades will be more even.”

Another change that has been added is how the snow court will be announced. Like it was with homecoming, there will be a king and a queen crowned from the snow court. The court will consist of 16 people, eight girls and eight boys. The winner will be chosen through their donations the same as years past. The 2017-2018 Snow Court in alphabetical order is as follows:
-Blake Altman
-Jaden Datz
-Mark Farmer
-Luke Jacquillard
-Sebastian Kaczmarek
-Jason Sazatkowski
-Ian Zimmerman
-Max Zimmerman
-Emily Adobato
-Mackenzie Blair
-Bethany Bunner
-Hannah Clark
-Morgan Conty
-Katrina Goodlin
-Abbie Kubasky
-Alli Sherbondy
Donation cans will be held outside of the kennel during all lunches starting Dec. 4 for all students to place money as a vote. The king and queen will be announced during the Deck It Up tournament Dec. 22.

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