Southmoreland band wins PIMBA championship

The Southmoreland marching band won the PIMBA Championship for the AA division at Moon school district on Oct. 21 with a score of 83.63 points.

During this competition season, the band has been grabbing every award in their division since the beginning. Every competition that they participated in they received the awards for best visual effect, best general effect, and best musical effect. They easily beat their opponent Blackhawk at Moon just as they have been doing all marching season.  

This is the first time that Southmoreland has won a first place at championships since early 2000’s . For many of the seniors, this is a bittersweet win for them because this is their last time they will ever play with the Southmoreland band.

“The marching band had an amazing season and it made me feel so empowered being a part of it” said senior Mindy Wagner. “I’m so proud of all that we have done this year.”

But this win will be a confidence booster for the band members who remain, as well as freshmen and all who have joined this past year, along with new prospective members.

“Championships showed that all we have done has finally paid off,” said new band member Tenley Maple. “It’s a lot of work, but in the end it’s worth it.” 

The Southmoreland marching band members have strived all season to do their best for their school, their instructors, and themselves, because this year the show theme was all about being yourself. Each and every student did that and left their hearts on the field that night in October. The band fought hard all season to earn the respect and recognition that this championship proved was due to them.

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