Conty and Burke get all section honors for soccer

Junior, Jenna Conty and sophomore Marti Burke have been named to the all section team. Conty plays center back on defense and Burke is a goalie.

“It’s an honor to get picked for all section, and it feels like all my hard work and dedication paid off or was rewarded,” Conty said. “It’s something that I’ve been hoping for since my freshman year, and now that it happened, it’s just so unreal.”

“I’m truly humbled and honored,” Burke said, “I still can’t believe it. We really had a great team this year, and I learned a lot from the coaches.”

Both girls feel they were picked due to their efforts in practice and games.

“I feel like I was picked because I showed hard work and dedication, and I have a better understanding of the game since I’ve been playing it for so long,” Conty said. “A lot of other people on the team deserve this and did just that as well, but I feel like I wouldn’t be where I am without them or my coaches constantly pushing me to my potential and strengthening me as a player.”

“I put forth a lot of effort and focused on a lot of different aspects of being a goalie this season,” Burke said. “It’s just great to be noticed for all of my efforts.”

For both girls, the past season was filled with many memories they will never forget. Their favorites however, were the intense games.

“My favorite soccer memory is beating Derry,” Conty said.” They were such competition last year, and they were the team to beat. That was always a close game. This year we beat them 11-0, and it showed us that anything was possible. It showed us that we had a chance in this section, and we deserved to be there just like anyone else. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to playoffs, but I feel like we accomplished a lot as a team. I think we will do even better next year. Everyone on that team was dedicated.”

“Our Charleroi game that was intense was my favorite memory.” Burke said, “We went into double overtime and won.”

The thought of next season excites both girls because they are eager to see what the incoming freshman will bring to the team.

“Next year, I’m looking forward to the season in general,” Conty said. “I want to see what the upcoming freshman can bring to the team, and if they push us as a team to get to where we can be. I’m also looking forward to playoffs and sections.”

“Even though we are losing some great players, I hear we have some good talent coming up next season,” Burke said. “I look forward to working with all of them.”

The Southmoreland girls’ soccer team finished off their season with a 4-12 record.

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